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As an SEO agency in Europe,  we specialize in delivering data-driven SEO services that can help your business increase its visibility online and drive revenue growth. Let us help you take your SEO game to the next level.


Combine the power of a PPC campaign for immediate sales with a sustainable, long-term SEO strategy. Let us help you to drive more sales by developing a comprehensive digital marketing plan that maximizes your ROI.
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SEO content

Content Marketing is an important building block for your SEO. We help your company with SEO content so that you can stand out. We don't just write SEO texts, we create content that converts.
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Link Building

We help you build links in the Nordic and European regions. Plan your or your client's next SEO campaign with us. We publish articles where your customers are.
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Our digital presence

Our team possesses a wealth of expertise when it comes to all aspects of SEO. If you or your company require assistance with your SEO efforts, don't hesitate to schedule a meeting with us to discuss how we can help you achieve your digital marketing goals.
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Keyword Research

Start a good SEO job with a keyword research.
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Boosting a website with PPC in addition to SEO is often a wise choice.
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Link Building

Building links has become one of the most profitable aspects of SEO.
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SEO texter

Having good SEO content on your landing pages is crucial.
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Embrace the Ostrich approach and take you head out from the gound to discover the talented team behind Ostriching SEO Agency.
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David Disland

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We create possibilities through SEO

At Ostriching SEO Agency, we recognize the importance of SEO services in enhancing your online visibility across European countries. With our expertise, we excel at delivering enduring results that are highly favored by search engines.

Create SEO content

Our SEO agency offers comprehensive content development and marketing strategy consultations to significantly bolster your online presence. By emphasizing the critical role of well-crafted content and targeted marketing approaches, we strive to facilitate the growth and visibility of your brand in the digital space.

Link Building Europe

Link Building is an essential component in enhancing your online visibility, as it contributes to sustainable outcomes that can substantially boost your revenue. By emphasizing the significance of a robust backlink profile, we aim to create a lasting impact on your brand's digital presence, ensuring long-term growth and success.

3 important factors in SEO

1. Build links

It is crucial to build links to ensure your website is visible on Google. Links originating from relevant sites within your niche hold significant value, as do links from webpages with a strong backlink profile. A strong backlink profile refers to a website having numerous high-quality backlinks.

To acquire links, you can choose to exchange links, guest blog, or create link-worthy content. However, the best option is actually to purchase links from an SEO agency, preferably us at Ostriching.

Almost all website owners that are slightly in to SEO know that links are a commodity, so purchasing links is often the only viable option to improve one's backlink profile. It's worth noting that we have the largest list of Swedish blogs selling links. Feel free to contact us to learn more about it.

2. Write quality SEO content

You can no longer solely rely on purchasing links and expect your website to rank well on Google. It is now extremely important to have helpful and well-written SEO content that addresses user queries, i.e., the search intent.
Important aspects of SEO content include:

* Identifying and targeting all essential keywords.
* Providing a quick response to the search query (search intent).
* Ensuring an article focuses on one  topic.
* Offering visitors a comprehensive answer to the search query.
* Writing in plain language, meaning in a simple and understandable manner.
* Optimizing your text for rich snippets.
* Updating the material as often as needed.

3. Succeed with your technical SEO

To excel in technical SEO, it's important to ensure that:

* Your website loads quickly.
* Your website is mobile-friendly.
* You properly SEO-optimize your images.
* Your website adheres to the HTTPS standard.
* Your website is optimized for mobile devices.
* Your website has no broken links or orphan pages.
By addressing these technical SEO factors, you can create a solid foundation for your website's performance and increase its visibility on search engines. Combined with strong backlinks and well-written SEO content, this approach will help you achieve a higher ranking on Google and drive more organic traffic to your site.
Search Engline Optimization 

3 types of SEO

White hat SEO

When you work according to Googles handbook and follow the rules, we call that Whate hat SEO. The best thing about white hat SEO is that Google will never penalize you when you follow their recommendations completely.

Grey hat SEO

Here you follow the while hat strategy and Googles guidlines, but not completely. Building links and snapping domains are typical areas of Gray hat SEO that many people choose to engage in.

Generally speaking, gray hat SEO is safe, and a strategy that many SEO experts use.

Black hat SEO

Engaging in Black hat SEO can be a idea and are in many cases not accepter in Googles guildelines. People who work with black hat SEO usually do unethical things such as hacking competitors' websites and pointing dirty links in their competitors' direction.



Why you should work with the best SEO agency in Europe!

As an SEO agency in Europe, we help many client with Link Building and SEO copywriting. Its important to take the SEO job serious from the begining of the building a website. Book a call with us and discuss how we can help you to achieve higher rankings, increase visibility, and scale your organic traffic to new levels.

Do I need to work with SEO if I have a new website?

Yes, if you have a new website, the first thing you need to do is work with your SEO. If you miss getting into the "SEO mindset" from the beginning it will take a long time to correct the mistakes you are likely to make before you learned how SEO works.

Do I only need to work on search engine optimization on Google?

Google is the world's largest search engine, and thus also the world's most advanced search engine. So when you optimize right for Google, you also optimize well enough for all other search engines such as Duckduckgo, Bing and Yahoo. So optimizing specifically for any of the smaller search engines is rarely necessary.

What is a SEO competitor analysis?

A competitive analysis in SEO means that you find out which competitors you have, and you then find out things such as what kind of backlink profile they have and which keywords they rank well for. The most important thing in a competitive analysis is to map what the competitors are doing right and to do the same thing but ideally even better things.
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