Keyword research 

Keyword Research

Conducting a keyword research is important for driving more traffic to your website. In this article, we explain what a keyword analysis is, as well as how to perform one.
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Keyword research

What is a keyword analysis?

A keyword analysis is a process with the aim for you to find out what people are searching for on internet, So you can write cotnent that people accually search for. When you conduct a keyword analysis, you find out, among other things, how popular specific search phrases are, as well as how difficult they are to rank for.

Its important to understant that keyword stuffing is not the way to rank (maybe 10 years ago). But today you need to have so much more than that, to be able to get the Search engines attention. 

But just because that is the case, it's still necessary to conduct a keyword analysis. Let us tell you why: When you've identified which keywords are important for a specific article, you also find out what the search intent is.
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What do you do after a keyword research 

A keyword analysis helps identify which keywords and phrases are relevant for a website and its content. This is important to optimize the page's content and metadata to improve organic searchability, which in turn can increase traffic to the page. A keyword analysis should always be the first step in an SEO strategy because it provides a foundation to build upon.
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There a 2 types of keywords

Long-tail Keywords
Long-tail keywords typically have a high conversion rate. An example might be "quick loans over the weekend." Although fewer people search using these specific phrases, those who do are often more intent on taking action.

Short-tail Keywords
Short-tail keywords are concise and often consist of just a word or two, like "borrow money." They usually have a high search volume. However, it's crucial to understand that these keywords often convert at a lower rate. Therefore, it's recommended to balance your strategy with both short-tail and long-tail keywords to maximize potential website visitors.
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Keyword research

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Conducting keyword research

If you run an SEO agency, it's a good idea to consider the following before identifying relevant keywords:

What types of services are visitors looking to sign up for?
Do the visitors already have an existing SEO agency?
Who are the target audience making these searches?
Keyword research

Do You Need to Match Keywords Exactly?

You don't need to hit the keywords precisely, as we demonstrate below:

"Sweden football" can be "Football in Sweden."
"Loan quick repayment" can become "Loan with quick repayment."
"Grocery stores Stockholm" can be phrased as "Grocery stores in Stockholm."

Google and other search engines grasp the context, so they won't penalize you for adding words that make the sentence read more naturally. Terms like "in" and "with" are known as "transition words," and it's beneficial to incorporate them. Always prioritize writing for your visitors over strictly catering to search engines.

This version maintains the core message of the original content but is tailored to resonate better with English-speaking readers.
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Keyword research

5 Tools to Assist You in Conducting Keyword Analysis

Ahrefs - Often regarded as the world's top SEO tool.
Moz - Almost as effective as Ahrefs.
Semrush - Also adept at identifying crucial keywords.
Cognitive SEO - Discovers a multitude of keywords.
Google's "related search" field - Displays associated search queries.
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What Does a Keyword Research Cost?

There are various ways to price a keyword analysis, and the most appropriate method often depends on the company's needs and budget.

Fixed Price:
Here, a fixed price is set for the entire keyword analysis, irrespective of the time it takes. This might be a suitable option for those with a limited budget, desiring cost certainty.

Hourly Rate: In this approach, we bill the client based on the time spent on the keyword analysis. This can be a good choice if the website is extensive and complex, making it challenging to determine a fixed price upfront.

Trial Basis: With this, we offer a limited keyword analysis, such as a basic keyword list, at a reduced price. If satisfied, clients can then opt for a comprehensive keyword analysis at an additional fee.

Monthly Fee: Here, we charge clients a monthly fee to provide keyword analysis services. This can include updating the keyword list and tracking the performance of these keywords.
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How Do You Utilize Keywords?

After conducting a keyword analysis, one should incorporate these keywords into their website in a natural and relevant manner.
This might mean integrating the keywords into the page's metadata, like the title and description, as well as within the page's content, such as headings and body text.
By using the keywords in this manner, one can enhance organic search visibility and increase the likelihood of appearing in relevant searches.
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