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How to Write Great SEO Content


Keyword Research

Conducting a keyword analysis for every article is essential. This allows you to discover the keywords to be included in your article, crucial for ranking high on Google's result pages.

Focus on the Visitor

The phrase "focus on the user" means you should write your content in a way that satisfies users, without overly worrying about what Google dictates. Therefore, you should clearly answer the user's search intent, and ideally give a quick response, so the user immediately finds out everything they need to know.

Search intent refers to what the user wants to find out, essentially the reason why they are searching on Google.

Write Good Headlines

When writing SEO-adapted content, it's essential to include suitable headlines as needed. Having good headlines in the article is important for numerous reasons, including giving your content a better structure and allowing the user to easily skim through the content.

It's also crucial to have an ideal headline hierarchy, i.e., logically structured H1, H2, and H3 headlines (etc.) that make the article more readable and logical.

Write Simple Content

Writing simple texts means using the right terms but ensuring to avoid difficult and unnecessarily complicated words. After all, no one is impressed if you use overly complex words. Keep it simple, so readers focus on what you write, not how you write.

Internal linking

When writing your SEO-adapted texts, it's also essential to link correctly. You should ideally include multiple internal links, i.e., links pointing to articles on your website. Ideally, you should also have one or more links pointing to external websites to give the article more weight.

An Article Should Cover One Thing

It's crucial that an article sticks to one subject matter. So if you're writing about "how to lose weight," the article should just cover that, not things like "benefits of running" even if running is briefly mentioned in the article. Instead, divide all subject matters and internally link to the relevant articles.

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Why is SEO Content Important?

SEO content is important for ranking high on Google. Text is the most important aspect of SEO, and without good texts, you can never rank first for highly competitive keywords. You can't just "buy a bunch of links" at a page and hope it ranks; that's not how it works anymore.

Having good SEO content on your website is the pillar of SEO, something you need to master to rank high on Google.

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We collaborate with many excellent SEO writers who have several years of experience in writing SEO-optimized content. We'd be happy to help if you don't have the time or don't want to write your SEO content. You're very welcome to contact us.
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How to write seo-texter

1. Conduct a Keyword Investigation
When you carry out a keyword investigation, you identify relevant keywords related to the article's topic. To identify keywords, you should ideally use a good SEO tool such as Ahrefs or SEMRush.

2. Develop Descriptive Headlines
It's particularly important that the main headline, i.e., the H1, captures readers' interest and accurately describes what the article is about. But it's also important to include other types of headlines such as H2, H3, H4, and so on.

3. Address the Search Intent
Providing readers with a quick and clear answer to their search intent, i.e., what they want to know, is extremely important. So, if you're writing a text about "The Best Casino Sites," it's crucial that you clearly and quickly say which sites are the best and that you justify your choices effectively.
4. Don't Write Too Long Paragraphs
It's a good idea not to have paragraphs longer than approximately 300 to 350 characters. Long and "meaty" paragraphs are difficult to read and also make the entire article look unstructured.

5. Include Correct, and Moderate Number of Keywords
As we've mentioned earlier, it's important that you include the right keywords, but you should also avoid stuffing in keywords "just because". It's best to strategically place important keywords in headlines and the introduction, without excessively repeating the keywords you're trying to rank on Google. Google understands synonyms and entities, so write as naturally and informatively as you can. Tricking Google with overly high keyword density is impossible today.

6. Write Good SEO and Meta Titles
The SEO title is the same as your article's headline on Google, while the meta description is the little explanation found under the SEO title on Google's result pages.
It's important that SEO and meta titles are descriptive, interesting, and coherent to have the best effect.
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3 Benefits of Writing SEO Optimized Content

There are many benefits to writing SEO-adapted content. Here, we discuss three of the most significant benefits.

The Text Becomes Easier to Read

When writing SEO-adapted content, you also write understandably, in plain language. Writing in plain language is beneficial for several reasons, including the fact that readers focus on what you want to say, not how you say it.

The Text Gets a Better Structure

When you write SEO content with correct headline settings, it becomes easier to "skim through" the article to get a good overview of what the article is about. Too much contiguous body text makes texts hard to read.

The Text Ranks Better on Google

When writing SEO-optimized texts, you work according to best practices within SEO, which helps you rank better on Google's result pages. And as you probably know, SEO is about ranking as high as possible in search engines.

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