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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is translated into Swedish as search engine optimization. The purpose of search engine optimization is to get a certain page to rank higher in Google’s search engine. The goal is for this page to end up at the top of the search results on a particular keyword, which in turn can make the Ostriching in question grow. This is achieved by optimizing the content of the page in the right way.

Today, it is becoming increasingly important to make use of SEO search engine optimization. It is a topic that is constantly evolving and growing, where there are already many ways to proceed to succeed with well-done optimization. The future of search engine optimization looks bright to say the least – it’s never too late to jump on the SEO bandwagon!

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What is SEO?

Search Engine optimization, or SEO, is translated into Swedish as search engine optimization and is about how to get a certain page to rank as high as possible among the search results in a search engine. With the right type of SEO, that is, custom optimization of good content, it is possible to get a page to climb to the top of the leading search results.

This way you increase the chance that this page will get more visitors and clicks. The next step is that your search engine optimization (SEO) also gets visitors to act, for example by shopping or ordering a service. The higher a page ranks on Google, the greater the chance that the company will grow. So it may be worth investing in SEO search engine optimization if you want to be seen!

On Page SEO

Search engine optimization is a fairly complex topic – it involves a number of different activities that belong to the page’s content, structure and development. Therefore, SEO is usually divided into two different categories; on page and off page . Although on page is the most basic part, they are both very important for your SEO work to yield results.

On page SEO can be compared to a current situation analysis where you review what optimizing measures are required for the page to be as good as possible. These are activities that affect the structure of the page itself, such as structure and content in the form of titles, texts, images , coding and meta description .

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is the second part of search engine optimization (SEO). This is, unlike on page, about wanting to optimize what happens “behind the scenes”. For that very reason, it is common to work with off page last. However, this part is crucial for the site to stand out from the competition. Link Construction ( link building ) and social media are in the field.

Why should you hire an SEO Agency?

SEO is both simple and complex at the same time! It does not have to be that difficult, but at the same time it requires you to familiarize yourself with it in depth in order to understand how it all works. This is often difficult to do on your own as the optimization consists of so many different areas.

For that very reason, it is good to hire an SEO agency as you want to be seen higher up on Google. An SEO agency, like Ostriching, helps you with everything to do with search engine optimization. They review your situation and then create a tailor-made plan according to your needs and wishes.

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This is how we work with SEO

We at Ostriching are real nerds when it comes to SEO. We are passionate about helping you with everything related to qualitative search engine optimization – if you want to be seen higher on Google and other search engines, you should contact us!

As experts in the field, we can ensure that our work yields results – with tailored analyzes, we review what is required for you to get more visitors who act and shop. With our help, your page can go from small to large, completely based on your own conversion wishes. For us, there is no talking about it, we offer genuine SEO.

Google and other search engines

Although Google is the search engine that most people use today, it is important to remember that SEO affects all search engines that are available. You’ve probably heard of Yahoo and Bing ? These are not used as efficiently as Google, but are also included as part of the search engine optimization area.

When you talk about optimization of this type, you mean to achieve a higher ranking among the search results in all search engines. If you want to invest in ranking high in a certain specific search engine, it should be clarified, even if the vast majority turn to Google.

Keyword analysis

A very important part of SEO is keyword analysis . It’s all really about wanting to optimize a page so that it ranks high on Google when different users search for a particular keyword. The higher up the page ranks, the greater the chance that it will be visible. The pages that have the most quality regarding optimization are those that are considered to be there to respond to the search intentions.

In order to succeed with your Google ranking, you need to do a keyword analysis . There, it is important that you plan which keywords the page in question should rank highest on, that is, the words that should convert the most. If you run a site focusing on the sale of blankets in Stockholm, you should rank on “blankets in Stockholm”, etc. This is something we at Ostriching help our customers with!

On Page SEO

Another crucial factor for the outcome of your work is On page SEO. As we mentioned earlier, this part of your search engine optimization is about optimizing and customizing the page content according to the results you want to achieve. What the page looks like, how it is structured and what it contains are all factors that influence.

In order for you to be able to rank high on the keywords your particular page is aimed at, it is important that you plan the page’s content . When you hire Ostriching as your SEO agency, we make sure to start from a keyword analysis when we build your site.

Then we help you create content that is customized accordingly. In addition to content and keywords, internal linking is also a large part of the on page work.

Link Building

SEO is largely about getting links from both your own site and from other sites. Just as it is important that you on your page work with interlinking – to create links on your own page that lead visitors to another part of the page – it is also important to work with backlinks .

By backlinks , however, is meant that external pages should link to your page, and in a way that is adapted to search engine optimization. Unlike before, Google today believes that quality outweighs quantity when it comes to external links. With the right backlinks, you can increase your Google ranking!

We at Ostriching have full control of the importance of qualitative SEO optimization with the right backlinks . We have therefore chosen to invest heavily in this area. Today we work with over 35,000 websites in 15 GEOs – as a customer with us, you have the opportunity to optimize your link building to achieve the best results.

Increase your visibility with us!

Are you looking for a reliable SEO agency that delivers genuine results? Then you are warmly welcome to us at Ostriching! We are incredibly careful to embrace our customers in a way that makes them feel safe in all situations.

To increase customers’ trust in us, we attach great importance to reporting on everything that happens during the work process, from start to finish. We want you to feel involved along the way, so that you too can feel confident about what is happening. Honesty and transparency are highly valued in our world.

We take you through all the steps in the process and are more than happy to explain how we can go about pushing your page. We are working together towards a higher ranking in Google’s search results! In other words, you can feel confident that you have full control over how to proceed to handle all traffic as soon as you start seeing results.


What does it cost to work with SEO?

The cost of an SEO job can vary greatly from one client to another. It all depends on what you have for supply and services , and how your site is optimized from the beginning. What steps are required to optimize your site in the best way? Which target group do you want to reach ?

Competition is also crucial for the price picture when working with SEO. The more people who work with SEO and search engine optimization in your industry, the greater the competition, and the more work is required for your site to climb to the top.

One thing that is important to remember, however, is that search engine optimization is a long-term investment that can generate a lot for your business in the future. The more you invest in creating a page with good content that provides value for visitors, the greater the chance that they will click in and shop with you.

It is often even a one-time investment. If you turn to us at Ostriching, we make sure to continuously perform a search engine optimized work based on your situation. Our tailor-made analyzes enable you to grow together with your company – if you ask us, it is always worth investing in genuine SEO !

Transparent pricing

Given that everyone’s situations look very different, it is very difficult to state an exact price picture when it comes to search engine optimization. When you hire Ostriching as your SEO agency, the price can vary slightly. It all depends on what exactly your situation looks like , what you ask for and how much you yourself know about the area . For some it’s about doing a keyword analysis, for others about optimizing content or buying links.

No matter what you need help with, we are at Ostriching with open arms to receive you who want to be seen on Google. We are not late to book a meeting to review and familiarize ourselves with situations with you. For us, both current and potential customers are important – in 10/10 cases, we make sure to find the best possible solution based on your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to take advantage of our expertise! Together we book a meeting according to what suits you. We are happy to meet for a coffee and discuss possible starting points and price pictures over a cup of coffee.

What does SEO mean?

The purpose of SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is to get a particular website to rank higher in Google’s search engine. It’s all about providing value to users when they search for a particular keyword – the better a page is optimized and the more customized its content is, the greater the chance that Google chooses to place the website high in the search results. In this way, the website can get more visitors and clicks, as well as more people who choose to shop or act. With good SEO, your business can grow!

How does SEO work?

SEO and search engine optimization consist of a number of different areas, all of which are crucial to how Google’s search engine chooses to rank a particular website. SEO is usually divided into two main areas. On page – focus on content, structure and structure – and Off page – what happens behind the scenes.

In order to search engine optimize a website in the best possible way, it is important to do a keyword analysis based on the most important keywords. This can then be used as a starting point when planning content, creating a certain design and implementing link building to get links both internally and via backlinks.

Why should you hire an SEO Agency?

SEO is both simple and complex at the same time! It does not have to be that difficult, but at the same time it requires you to familiarize yourself with it in depth in order to understand how it all works. This is often difficult to do on your own as the optimization consists of so many different areas.

For that very reason, it is good to hire an SEO agency as you want to be seen higher up on Google. An SEO agency, like Ostriching, helps you with everything to do with search engine optimization. They review your situation and then create a tailor-made plan according to your needs and wishes.

Ostriching SEO Agency

Ostriching is an international SEO agency that offers versatile and flexible solutions for clients worldwide. With a focus on growth and we make sure to pick out a tailored strategy based on your situation, your conditions and wishes. There is nothing to stop us from diving deep into the problems and helping you see the light in the tunnel – we can find a solution to most things!

Are you in need of hiring a reliable SEO agency? Ostriching delivers true search engine optimization that generates results! Our services are available to anyone who wants to appear higher in the search results by ranking better on Google. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to hire us as your SEO agency – we work both nationally and internationally according to what suits you.

Can you guarantee results?

As we have previously mentioned, SEO and search engine optimization is a very complex subject that can be quite difficult to understand. This is especially true if you want to rank higher on Google as it is our absolute largest search engine.

When Google analyzes different websites, there are 200+ factors that are crucial to how the search engine chooses to rank a particular page. Depending on which niche you have targeted, the ranking of these factors may look different. However, quality weighs heaviest in all categories! In order for you to rank at the top of a certain keyword, it is therefore necessary that you succeed in optimizing your website in a way that Google likes, at the same time as you must meet all these hundreds of factors.

Ensuring that the search engine optimization for your particular page will yield results is thus very difficult. In the world of search engine optimization, there is no such thing as warranty and security, but it is a very complex, long-term process that requires ongoing work with the help of experts. Different niches can also be differently difficult to succeed with.

Something that we at Ostriching, on the other hand, can give clear answers to is that our past as well as current customers have been very satisfied with our work. Although we can not guarantee that you will achieve the results you want in terms of rankings and growth, there is much to suggest that we will succeed together!

Can you guarantee to rank 1st?

As we just mentioned, in the SEO world it is never possible to guarantee anything. The various search engines are constantly evolving, improving and changing, which in itself also means that the work on search engine optimization must follow these patterns to give results. It’s all about acting in the current situation to find a way that enables your website to increase its quality in the eyes of Google.

SEO is thus something that you have to work with on an ongoing basis to constantly adapt content, structure and structure according to the keyword analysis that applies to you. It is thus not possible to guarantee any results at all until you actually see how the work converts and what it generates. Ranking 1st is something you have to work on long-term!

However, even though there is no SEO agency that can guarantee that you will rank 1st on a particular keyword, you can of course increase your chances of achieving the desired results by hiring experts. If you hire Ostriching as your SEO agency, we make sure to find the best possible solution for you based on the situation, conditions and needs. We look outside the boxes to increase your chances of success!

See you on the first page of Google!

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